About Amber

 My passion for design started when I was about 2 years old.  If things got a bit quiet around the house, I would be found scrolling through department store catalogs until I’d find the women’s clothing.  I would point to all the little accessories on the model, especially her jewelry.  So it began!  From then on, all pads of paper around the house would become my drawings of clothing or jewelry.

I was raised in a beautiful beach community where the sea was a source of artistic inspiration.  As a teen, I developed the craft of jewelry making and consigned my pieces in a hair salon and clothing boutiques.  Every order I received was extremely encouraging because when people like your work, it pushes your creativity to deeper levels.  I was fortunate to fulfill my dream of attending art school in San Francisco, graduating from the Academy of Art with a degree in Fashion Design.

Recently, my husband’s career moved us from the coast to the desert.  I am embracing the change and finding the beauty of incorporating the mystique of the desert into my jewelry design.